Tired of waiting to play The Division for yourself? Good news: the beta drops Jan 28!

Ubisoft have announced that the long-delayed beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division kicks off on January 28 on Xbox One with other platforms to follow.

The beta was originally supposed to begin in Fall 2015 (that was Spring for us here in Aus) as a timed-exclusive on Xbox One. After it failed to appear, Ubi waited until December to push the beta release to Q1 2016. The Xbox One version will still technically be a timed exclusive – the PS4 and Windows PC versions will go live a day later. The beta period will be a short one and will wrap up on January 31.

The beta will provide a few “story-driven missions” before going straight into the team-centric Dark Zone which unlocks play both co-operative and competitive. Better yet, you won’t need an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus account to access the beta. Cheapskates rejoice!

If you feel that you absolutely, 100% must participate in the beta, you can guarantee your entry by pre-ordering the full game (don’t pre-order video games). Alternatively, you can sign up for the beta through Ubi right here.

Tom Clancy’s The Division releases March 8 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.