Toby Wallace & Mitzi Ruhlmast talk about nostalgia and adolescence in their new film Boys in the Trees

Out in cinemas today, just in time for Halloween is the new Australian film Boys in the Trees, straight off the international festival circuit. We sat down with the film’s stars Toby Wallace and Mitzi Ruhlmann to talk about filming at night in Adelaide, the film’s nostalgic 90s soundtrack, what they hope audiences take away from the genre-bending film and the support they’ve had from their families. Well, most of them.

In the first part of the interview, we also talk about how they came to get the parts in the film, and Toby – who plays Corey – talks about playing Jonah in the 2014 short film that preceded it – The Last Time I Saw Richard. Watch the three parts of our chat below:

Boys in the Trees is in select cinemas around Australia now.