Tokyo Game Show 2015: Ni-Oh lives! Team Ninja’s lost title arrives on PS4 next year!

Ni-Oh was originally announced as a PS3 title back in 2010. It dropped off the radar and many assumed it was cancelled. Not so. Sony have announced during their TGS press con that the game will see the light of day on the PS4 next year.The game is based on an unfinished script by Japanese film legend Akira Kurosawa. Ni-Oh follows a half-Japanese samurai who battles demons and uses magic which sounds right up Team Ninja’s alley if you ask us.

The original version of the game (that’s it above) was being developed by Koei Tecmo. Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive dev Team Ninja took over the project in 2010 but never produced anything further.

Ni-Oh will finally see release in 2016.

David Smith

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