Total War: Arena open beta kicks off Feb 22

Total War: Arena is opening its doors to everyone on February 22 as its next open beta kicks off with a slew of brand new content.
The game is one the more surprising collaborations to emerge in recent years — a free-to-play, multiplayer, real time strategy title developed by Wargaming Alliance (World of Tanks) and the traditional custodians of the Total War series, Creative Assembly.

The game already features three historical races — the Romans, the Greeks and the Barbarians — but the forthcoming open beta will add the Carthaginians, led by real world generals Hannibal and Hasdrubal Barca. A strong ambush army, Hannibal isn’t afraid to crack the whip and get heavy infantry moving. What’s their heavy infantry look like? It’s a bunch of guys on elephant back which, we think you’ll agree, is dope as hell.

If you want to give Total War: Arena a try, head over to the official site. For RTS fans still mourning the demise of the genre at the hands of the all-conquering MOBA, this will be a bright light on the horizon indeed.