Trailer released for The Bolivian Case, screening at Sydney Film Festival 2015


Directed by award-winning Australian writer and filmmaker Violeta Ayala and produced by Dan Fallshaw over the course of 2011-2015, The Bolivian Case follows three Norwegian teenage girls who are arrested with 22kg of cocaine in their luggage in a foreign country. The documentary explores the misdirected way in which the much relied upon media constructed stories based on race and gender sparking a storm of controversy in Norway.

“Rather than asking the audience to question the guilt or innocence of women, The Bolivian Case aims to challenge and confront viewers on how gender, race and class affects how society assigns guilt. The outcome of the case was based on perception not on evidence; as a result of this failure, we believe the media and the justice system should be on trial”, says Violeta.

The Bolivian Case is the first part of United Notions Film’s Drug War Trilogy and premiered at the Special Presentation Program at Hot Docs, one of the world’s most prestigious documentary festivals. It will showcase at the Sydney Film Festival on the 7th June 2015 as part of the Australian Documentary Competition for the Documentary Australia Foundation Award.

Check out the trailer below and for more info on the Sydney Film Festival, visit the website here.