Triptych Pictures to donate Touch charity screening proceeds to Beyondblue

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Australian company Triptych Pictures will be donating proceeds from their charity Q&A screenings of Australian film TOUCH to charity Beyondblue.

Charity screenings will be held in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, and will include a Q&A session with Cast members Leeanna Walsman and Matt Day, and the film’s writer/director Christopher Houghton. TOUCH follows a mother, Dawn (Walsman), and daughter, Steph (Onor Nottle), as they go on the run from a man named John (Day).

Producer Julie Byrne said that donating the profits of the screenings to Beyondblue was a reflection of the work ethic of her cast and crew. “Many people who worked on this film gave up their time and energy above and beyond for no extra reward, for which I am still most grateful.”, Byrne said. “In some way, donating net profit to charity is an extension of that ethos.”

Information and tickets to the charity screenings can be found at the following websites:

The Regal Theatre, Australian “Red Carpet” Premiere:

Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction:

The Classic Cinema, Melbourne:
The Cameo Cinema, Melbourne:

TOUCH opens in cinemas on Thursday, 17 May.