Ubisoft announces The Division 2 after leaks appear online

Another day, another AAA developer getting their carefully orchestrated reveal taken away from them by European leaks. Yesterday it was Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Today it’s The Division 2, the follow up to Ubisoft’s successful tilt at the MMO shooter genre.

The original leak came from a German business website called 4-Traders that literally named the game in the headline and included quite a bit of information on the title. The post also referenced this piece of key art depicting a logo for The Division 2, tellingly hosted on an official Ubisoft domain.

The leak came a day after the official twitter account for The Division hinted that big new information was about to drop during a planned developer update live stream.

The live stream itself didn’t disappoint with creative director at developer Massive, Julian Gerighty, confirming the sequel’s existence on stream and promising a flood of information at E3 in June.

Beyond that, not much is known about the game just yet, not even what platforms it’ll be on or even a release window. Fans will have to sit tight until E3 to find out more.