Ubisoft makes FarCry 5 official, says literally nothing else about it

Ubisoft have officially announced FarCry 5, the latest entry in the developer/publisher’s long-running survival-adventure series.

The publisher announced the game and a piece of title art (which is our header image on this piece) available to the public shortly before their latest earnings call to investors. During the call, Ubi indicated that the game would launch within the next fiscal year, putting it on shelves before March 31, 2018.

Other than these three pieces of information, Ubi has remained tight-lipped, saying that there will be more information about the game coming “very soon.” This likely points to an E3 reveal but we have no way of knowing for sure just yet.

Ubi have only announced the time and date for their E3 press conference today (The Orpheum Theatre, Monday June 12 at 1 pm Los Angeles time which is Tuesday June 13 at 6am AEST for those of us here in Aus) and have teased four AAA-tier releases for this fiscal year, including FarCry 5, The Crew 2 and their next addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise.