Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary chases Warwick Davis during her Star Wars Celebration panel

  • Larry Heath
  • July 17, 2016
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Earlier today in London, Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, appeared at the annual Star Wars Celebration event, accompanied by her dog, Gary Fisher. The pair were interviewed by Warwick Davis, who famously got his start as the Ewok “Wicket” from the original Star Wars, and also confirmed that he’ll be playing another character in Rogue One (rumoured to be named “Bistan”).

During the often hilarious panel dubbed “The Princess Diaries”, Fisher remarked that the only thing she thought the Star Wars series was missing was “more pets”, adding that she’d love Gary to be in the series. He may have had his first audition today after Warwick put on some Ewok headgear and ended up being chased off stage by Carrie’s loving companion.

Fisher went on to reflect on The Force Awakens, saying she “wept” when she say herself in HD on the giant screen, “HD is not friendly to the over 40s, it’s not made for that.” After receiving some supportive applause from the crowd, she goes on to say, “you don’t mind my wrinkles, and my puffs… and my baboon ass?” (Baboon ass referring to her hairstyle in the new film).

She also said she that returning for Episode VII felt like being a “little bit old for camp”,  and she talked about what happened between Episodes VI and VII in regards to her estrangement with Han, and the fact that they basically gave birth to a child “who turned out to be Hitler”. “You’d feel bad too if your son did all that… but I did spank Adam (Driver) when I first met him, so that felt good.”

Like Mark Hamill earlier in the weekend, she didn’t give any hints as to what we can expect from Episode VIII, but when asked if she takes a new lover in the film, she replied, “God, I hope so. If I do, I don’t know it.”

You can watch the full panel here. The part where Warwick and the dog go head to head happens about 25 minutes into the video:

Star Wars Celebration concludes in London today. Fisher will appear in Star Wars Episode VIII, due out in December 2017, while you’ll see Davis in Rogue One, due out December 2016. No word yet on when Gary will make the big screen leap.