Watch: Queer Eye cast head down-under for “Mini Make-Better”

With the Fab Five finally back a full fifteen years after their Emmy Award-winning series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the  popularity of their Netflix series Queer Eye has led down-under, in the form of a ‘mini make-better”.

Their journey led them to the rural town of  Yass, bringing the style to match the name. They begun by making giving various residents what is known as a “mini make-better” adding a touch of that Queer Eye style to their lives in the process. This didn’t stop with the residents, as the local bar got a makeover of it’s own, complete with an updated menu. Finally, the mayor of Yass arrived, presenting the Fab Five with tiaras, officially making them Yass Queens. You can check out the mini episode for yourself down below:\

You can check out the new series of Queer Eye right now, exclusively on Netflix.