Watch Stephen Colbert be blown away by No Man’s Sky

It’s been a good week for gaming on late night TV with Stephen Colbert following up his Thursday night Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg interview with a live demo of No Man’s Sky from Hello Games’ Sean Murray.

Murray took Colbert through the sort of live demo he’s become known for since the game’s announcement a few years ago. He knows exactly what to show us that will get us excited and he worked Colbert and the crowd perfectly.

Clearly thrown by No Man’s Sky‘s insane scale (and his not being allowed to actually play it), Colbert still managed to ask the kind of questions you don’t see being asked by mainstream media outlets, much less late night talk shows.

Murray cleverly used a few dev exploits to jump around quickly, showing off a few planets and naming a number of species and worlds after Colbert.

Sadly, despite many assuming Hello Games were using the appearance to finally announce a release date no date was forthcoming.  No Man’s Sky is coming to PS4 and PC.