Watch the new film clip, “The Dangers of Selfies” from Men, Women & Children.


Directed by Jason Reitman, Men, Women & Children shows the nitty and gritty aspects of social media and the way we communicate with people on a day-to-day basis. Exploring adult themes of self-image and the nature of romantic relationships, the film showcases a common issue of internet use amongst teenagers, causing great concern amongst their parents and the damaging effects it can do to a relationship.

In the new film clip, released earlier this month, we see Donna Clint (Judy Greer) discussing her concern over her daughter’s internet use to Patricia Beltmeyer (Jennifer Garner). Not many people think before they post so watching this may cause you to re-think whether sending that attractive selfie on Snapchat is a good idea.

Men, Women & Children will be launched in Australian cinemas on November 27.