What to Watch: The Iris’ Weekly TV Picks (12th – 15th February)


Spending this Valentines Day alone? Why not spend it with your television instead? Here are some of our picks for this week (without any obnoxious Valentines content).

Thursday February 12th

Danger 5, SBS2, 9pm AEST
Danger 5 goes back to World War II in an attempt to stop Hitler from changing the fabric of time.

The Phantom (1996), One, 9pm AEST
Finish your night off with following the adventures of the iconic American superhero, The Phantom. Though it may not be one of the most critically acclaimed films, it’s a tonne of fun after a long days work.

Friday February 13th

Charmed, Channel 11, 12pm AEST
If you’re home on Friday day (we’re incredibly jealous of you) then take a step back in time with the Halliwell sisters as they fight evil as three witches.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), GO!, 7.40pm AEST
Watch Tim Burton’s adaptation of the infamous Roald Dahl novel, starring Johnny Depp as Wonka. Make sure you have a full stomach and are away from all chocolate substances though, or this could get ugly.

Saturday February 14th

19 Reasons To Love ‘If You Are The One’ (Followed by two episodes of If You Are The One), SBS2, 7.30pm AEDT
This special explores the cult program ‘If You Are The One’ – a hilarious Chinese dating show. This review of the program presents a beginners guide to the show, recognising the passion of the fans and the cultural quirks of the show. Follow your brief history lesson with two episodes of the cult show, and you’ll be hooked.

Watchmen, 7Mate, 9.30pm AEDT
Based on the graphic novels, a group of retired superheroes reunite to prevent the nuclear holocaust. This is no regular superhero movie though. Watchmen provides an interesting and cynical perspective of the human race, conveyed through brutally gruesome scenes and nudity – something that doesn’t quite present itself within your typical superhero films.

Sunday February 15th

David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies, ABC, 7.40pm AEDT
David Attenborough continues the his search for the origins of flying animals, exploring some of the more larger flyers – bats, birds, winged reptiles, and feathered dinosaurs!

Good Will Hunting, Gem, 8.45pm AEDT
Spend your valentines crying a little bit to the late Robin Williams as he performs an amazing and iconic role next to Matt Damon. If there performances don’t pull your heart strings, the stellar music score performed by the iconic Elliott Smith sure will.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Channel 11, 8.30pm AEDT
If you’re more in the mood for an uplifting comedy, look no further than Ferris Bueller. Ferris Bueller is the most popular student at his school who goes to enjoy a day off in Chicago. It doesn’t sound like much, but it will have you laughing your booty off.