What we learnt from Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman at Armageddon Expo in Melbourne


Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman was the star attraction at the second day of Armageddon Expo over the weekend in Melbourne. Kimberley Salmond was there and brings us back some of the things asked to Jenna during the Q&A, and how she answered!

Have you ever suggested ideas to Steven (Moffat)?

No, you have to be careful around Steven because you never know what will end up in the script or used against you.

What was your reaction when you found out Matt (Smith) was leaving?

I always knew he was leaving from the beginning. We only had 8 episodes together which really feels like nothing but we had a brilliant time and it was nice because it wasn’t something I learnt, we always knew we had a limited time together.

What’s the funniest things that have happened on set?

We had a really funny day. Peter (Capaldi) makes me laugh a lot because he’s always getting lost, so you can’t keep your eyes off him for two minutes or else he goes off for a wander and also on set, part of the runner’s job is to keep their eyes on us so they know where in the building Peter and I are at any one time so it’s a fun game to try and lose them and run away. And also, I learn’t you can hide in a Dalek which no-one ever thinks to look in so that’s a fun game.

When you leave, do you think you will leave by getting angry at The Doctor?

It seems to be happening a lot recently doesn’t it. There seems to be a lot of episodes where they are falling out. I think it’s just teething. It’s the two of them getting to know each other again and finding a way with one another. I’m sure they will figure it out although he isn’t an easy man to get on with but they love each other very much so I’m sure they will work it out.

If you could use the Tardis to travel to another television show which one would it be?

Has anyone been watching Peaky Blinders? So much silence across the room. You really should. Maybe Boardwalk Empire or Breaking Bad of course or Oliver Twist.

When you got the call saying that you were playing Clara and then you realised you were going to be killed off in the first episode, how did that make you feel?

I didn’t understand because I had an incredibly confusing audition where I had to play three different parts and I knew it was for the companion but they said we can’t give you any information or explain why. Here are three different scenes with people with different names and let’s play around and try different accents and try some characters and see what happens. So I got the part and I was totally thrown and I was really happy but my immediate thing was who was I playing, which character is it? So I knew the idea was to have these different Clara’s popping up from different times which I thought was great and also what anyone would expect. I love the fact that we managed to keep Oswin a surprise because we all thought that was going to be released and spoiled but it never did so it was amazing because we were able to shock people.

What is the scariest episode that you have filmed?

I think “Listen” actually. Listen is quite scary because it’s the fear of something you can’t see and the hand under the bed which is pretty scary. It’s also things that come at you slowly. It’s really really creepy when they are confident that they can take their time because they know they can get you.

Who are your favourite companions?

I would say Katherine Tait and Karen Gillam. Someone pointed out yesterday ‘the gingers’.

What was it like filming the 50th Anniversary?

It was great, the set is normally me or Matt, or me and Peter and it’s a small cast and you know we have people come in and out for the two week episodes but it really felt like having Dave, Billy and John there, it felt really celebratory and it was also everybody’s birthday so there was cake every single day. It was David’s birthday, it was my birthday so cake makes everyone happy too. But it was lots of fun especially when Tom Baker was on set, you became aware of the history of the show and what an incredible feat is it fifty years on for a television show with new ideas and places and I don’t think there anything else like it so it was a very special thing to be part of.

If you could be any of the previous companions, who would you be and why?

Amy Pond actually because I love the story of how she met him as a child. I love the way it was brought full circle at the end and it was very much like Alice in Wonderland, stepping into that world but then years later being able to go on the travels and do that, I think that was a really beautiful story.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Maybe Peru, Macchu Picchu or the Amazonian Rainforest or somewhere like that. I’ve been to Budapest before and that was really cool. But it’s wonderful being able to travel and see these landscapes you have never seen or Iceland maybe.

What does it feel like to know that the Tardis isn’t bigger on the inside?

Don’t say that, but it is. The actual set it but when you are in the box, the reality of it is, is that you are standing in a box and it’s dark and it’s always that little bit awkward. There are often five people in the box at once, and often as well for shots to work, I have to duck down so the camera can’t see me. That’s the magic of television.

What was it like being part of the Christmas Special with Matt leaving?

It was incredibly special. It was like that thing where you know you are saying goodbye to someone but neither of you want to acknowledge it at all so you just basically ignore the elephant in the room. Every scene felt special because you knew it was the ticking clock and seeing Matt is prosthetics and aged up was quite funny and it’s funny because I start to feel he was an old man and I would give my seat to him and offer him tea but he milked it for every bit it was worth.

Out of all the Doctor’s, who can you personally relate to the most?

All of them because I think they are all the same. It’s difficult because I see them, all the different carnations, as one Doctor but he is this hero and this great alien thing. I relate to all of them because they are all the one.