Who is David Thewlis’ character seen in the final trailer for Wonder Woman?

Note: This article contains minor spoilers

The brand new trailer for the highly anticipated origin film Wonder Woman (a long overdue stab at the character), gave audiences a brief look at David Thewlis‘ character, Sir Patrick, an alias for the God of War Ares. Ares is one of the most prominent villains in Wonder Woman’s comic book arsenal and crucial to her origins.

For those wondering why it took so long for us to see Thewlis in the trailers, and why we’re not seeing Ares himself, one may be reminded of the trailers that spoilt the appearance of Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Could DC be learning from their mistakes? To learn more about Ares, the relevant comic book that would enhance viewing experience would be Wonder Woman #0 and #4, both of which were released in 2011.

Meanwhile, those interested in learning more about Wonder Woman’s origin adapted for the film should get their hands on DC’s New 52 Wonder Woman #1  comic, also released in 2011. The comic delivers greatly on the greek mythology of how Zeus created Diana (not a spoiler, it is mentioned in the first trailer) and will probably explain more than what the film will be able to.

Wonder Woman hits Australian cinemas on 1st June 2017.