Who Will Win? The Iris predicts the winners of the 73rd Annual Golden Globes

It’s not long now until the 73rd Annual Golden Globes kick off, live from Los Angeles on FOX8 at 12pm (with red carpet coverage from 11am, replayed at 7.30pm) tomorrow, 11th January.

Ricky Gervais is back hosting festivities, returning the duties that have been masterfully held by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Expect hilarity – but at the end of the day we’re here to celebrate the best in Film and Television from 2015. So who do we think will win? Here are our predictions for some of the categories:


Best Motion Picture – Drama
Who Will Win: Spotlight
Who Should Win: Carol

While it would be lovely to see Carol win the trophy, it’s the powerful Spotlight that looks set to sit as the favourite. The voters are journalists after all…

Best Performance Actress – Drama
Who Will Win: Brie Larson – Room
Who Should Win: Cate Blanchett – Carol

Brie’s performance has been touted as a “award worthy” for months now, and though we can’t help but root for Cate, chances are it’s going to be Brie’s night.

Best Performance Actor – Drama
Who Will Win: Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant
Who Should Win: Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant

Voters will want to recognise this powerful performance, as well as set the stage for what will hopefully be Leo’s first Oscar.

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Who Will Win: The Big Short
Who Should Win: The Big Short

The acclaimed films feels against little serious competition here. The Martian is surely in with a shot, but rarely will a big budget film win out over a critical favourite.

Best Performance Actress – Musical or Comedy
Who Will Win: Jennifer Lawrence – Joy / Amy Schumer – Trainwreck
Who Should Win: Lily Tomlin – Grandma

HFPA loves Jennifer Lawrence, and she is fantastic in Joy. It could as easily go to Amy Schumer though; voters may be keen to recognise her for her work in the film, as so many have done critically all year. We can’t decide between the two, so we’re leaving it in as dead even. But who should win? Well that’s easy. Lily Tomlin in the role that only she could play… And having never won a Globe, we would LOVE to see her walk away with one.

Best Performance Actor – Musical or Comedy
Who Will Win: Matt Damon – The Martian
Who Should Win: Matt Damon – The Martian

The man commanded the entire film on his own. He was fantastic in it. Engaging. Hilarious. Scott could not have done the film without him. He’s got to win doesn’t he?

Best Performance Supporting Actress
Who Will Win: Jennifer Jason Leigh – The Hateful Eight
Who Should Win: Alicia Vikander – Ex-Machina

God, what a category. HFPA loves Kate Winslet, and she was (when on screen) as strong a presence in Steve Jobs as the leading man. Jennifer Jason Leigh looks phenomenal in The Hateful Eight (I’ll be seeing it for myself on Wednesday), and a lot of critics are predicting her to take the award. Then there’s Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, who commands the Indie favourite of 2015, Ex-Machina (criminally overlooked in many categories here). We’ll predict Jennifer to win – though Alicia takes my vote.

Best Performance Supporting Actor
Who Will Win: Michael Shannon – 99 Homes
Who Should Win: Paul Dano – Love & Mercy

Shannon’s performance in 99 Homes was stunning, and I have a feeling he is in for a bit of a surprise win here. I’m glad Love & Mercy has been recognised here – both Dano and Cusack were phenomenal as Brian Wilson. Whether its early release will have left a lasting enough impression on voters though is another question.

Best Director
Who Will Win: Ridley Scott – The Martian
Who Should Win: George Miller – Mad Max: Fury Road

Scott has never won the Globe. Nor has Miller. Again we want to root for our own, but chances are the HFPA will use it as an opportunity to present Scott with a long overdue trophy.

Best Screenplay
Who Will Win: Aaron Sorkin – Steve Jobs
Who Should Win: Aaron Sorkin – Steve Jobs

Five great screenplays, but none as masterful as Sorkin’s.

Best Animated Feature
Who Will Win: Inside Out
Who Should Win: Anamolisa

Pixar are usually the winners of this category – when they have a good film – and this year they certainly did in Inside Out. It would be great to see the Kaufman’s bizarre and wonderful Anamolisa take it out – but that may end up being the Oscar winner rather than the awarded animated feature here.

Best Original Song
Who Will Win: One Kind of Love – Love & Mercy
Who Should Win: One Kind of Love – Love & Mercy

Honestly, it could go to that song from Furious 7, but I hope it doesn’t. Since the song from Love and Mercy was disqualified from the Oscars, I’m hoping they give Brian Wilson the trophy here. And chances are they will.


Best Television Series – Drama
Who Will Win: Mr. Robot
Who Should Win: Mr. Robot

The HFPA love being the first to recognise a new series, and following a critically acclaimed first season, Mr. Robot seems to be the favourite this year. It’s deserving of it too.

Best Actress – Drama
Who Will Win: Taraji Henson – Empire
Who Should Win: Eva Green – Penny Dreadful

Taraji’s character may be over-the-top, but in more ways than one, Empire is Cookie’s show. She’s the one to beat here. We’d love to see Eva Green walk away with the trophy though. The brilliant Dreadful is too often ignored by the awards shows…

Best Actor – Drama
Who Will Win: Jon Hamm – Mad Men
Who Should Win: Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul / Rami Malek – Mr. Robot

This is a tough one. Hamm finally won the Emmy, but they still may want to give him the Globe as the series has come to an end. Newcomer Malek is a deserving candidate, but so is Odenkirk in the brilliant Better Call Saul. Equal favourites from us, but we’re predicting Hamm as the winner.

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy
Who Will Win: Silicon Valley
Who Should Win: Silicon Valley

Though Veep was brilliant (as always), I’m going to go out on a limb and say Silicon Valley’s hilarious second season will be recognised this year. And we’re cheering for it to, too. But Veep definitely sits right behind it – alongside Mozart in the Jungle.

Best Actress – Musical or Comedy
Who Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep
Who Should Win: Lily Tomlin – Grace and Frankie

I’m really – really hoping that Tomlin wins one of her two nominations. Chances are though that the President will take it out. Deservingly, mind you.

Best Actor – Musical or Comedy
Who Will Win: Jeffrey Tambor – Transparent
Who Should Win: Aziz Anzari – Master of None

Jeffrey is likely to continue his winning spree here – though we’d love to see Aziz recognised for his phenomenal Netfliz series… though it was its brilliant writing that was the real star. Hopefully the Emmys doesn’t forget to recognise it later in the year.

Best Miniseries or Made for TV Movie
Who Will Win: Fargo
Who Should Win: Fargo

Following the disappointing second series of True Detective, we were overjoyed when the return of Fargo – a show which enjoys a similar single season approach – heralded a storyline as good and as engaging as the first. Though you really can’t beat Billy Bob Thornton, can you? Still, it’s our favourite to win.

Best Actress – Miniseries or Made for TV Movie
Who Will Win: Kirsten Dunst – Fargo
Who Should Win: Kirsten Dunst – Fargo

The Globes loves a comeback, and Dunst’s fantastic turn in the second season of Fargo is surely going to have plenty of voters keen to recognise her for it.

We will be skipping predicting the Best Actor in a Miniseries / Made for TV movie category, having only seen one of the five nominated series between us.

Supporting Actor – All TV Series, Miniseries or Made for TV Movie
Who Will Win: Ben Mendelson – Bloodline
Who Should Win: Ben Mendelson – Bloodline

For the first time in these predictions we’re going to go ahead and put all our money on the Australian. He is brilliant in Bloodline.

Supporting Actress – All TV Series, Miniseries or Made for TV Movie
Who Will Win: Uzo Aduba – Orange is the New Black
Who Should Win: Uzo Aduba – Orange is the New Black

She’s a voters favourite and unless Regina King pulls out a win, the trophy will belong to Uzo.

Will we be right? Who do you think will win? Sound off on our social media channels, and watch the Globes on FOX8 tomorrow from 11am to see who will walk away with the awards.

For more details about the awards themselves, and for a full list of nominees, head to goldenglobes.com.