Fusion, Hah! WWE SuperCard Launches Brand New Spring Into the Ring Promotion

To celebrate the beginning of Spring (northern hemisphere variant), WWE SuperCard have announced the brand new Spring into the Ring event. Beginning from today and running through until March 27th, Spring into the Ring will allow access to special Seeds that can be scored through the Draft Boards.

Collecting eight Seeds will unlock a range of options for players, allowing them to fuse these seeds to create one of six different WWE Superstars or spring-themed parts, such as Tapes, Chairs, Sunshine, Weights, Boots and Watering Cans.

Complete sets of these parts can then be combined in the Fusion Chamber with either a Wrestlemania 33, SummerSlam ’17 or Beast Card, creating a special Spring-themed Superstar card.

Those looking for a head start will find two new packs in the WWE SuperCard store, both The Seed Pack and the Superstar Parts Pack. With over 30 new and exclusive cards to discover in Spring into the Ring, the world of WWE SuperCard looks set to bloom.

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