Xbox Live is in the middle of a severe outage right now

If you attempted to log in to Xbox Live on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console this morning, you may have found that your console was having a few problems. Xbox Support have confirmed a number of ongoing issues are affecting various services relating to account log in and access of games and purchases.

We thank you for hanging in there as we investigate sign in/accessing content on Xbox One. Stay tuned to: for info!

— Xbox Support (1-5) (@XboxSupport) February 22, 2016

The issues apparently began some time early this morning and are, at the time of writing, continued without resolution. The issues appear to be affecting users attempting to sign into Xbox Live, users attempting to play purchased games or even conduct purchases on the Xbox Live Store, and in the last 30 minutes TV, Music and Video services have also gone down.

Xbox says that they are still working on the issue and will provide updates through the Xbox Live Status webpage. For those who were hoping to jump into Far Cry Primal on release here in Australia today, the outage couldn’t have come at a worse time. For now, we’ll just have to sit tight. We’ll keep you updated when services start to come back online.

David Smith

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