You can play Rainbow Six Siege for free next weekend

Rainbow Six Siege has quietly become one of the more popular tactical shooters in recent memory.  Now set for a whole new year of content, Ubisoft is throwing the game’s doors open to everyone for a free weekend starting February 16.
The thing is, not all free weekends are timed the same way. There’s a few differences depending on which platform you want to jump in on. Here’s the breakdown per Ubi’s press release:

PlayStation 4:
February 16th 12AM AEDT – February 21st 12AM AEDT

Xbox One:
February 16th 5AM AEDT – February 19th 8AM AEDT

Windows PC:
February 15th 7PM AEDT – February 19th 6PM AEDT

If you find yourself a bit addicted by the time the free weekend wraps up (and it wouldn’t surprise me if you were), don’t worry, you won’t lose your progress if you pick up the full game.

We really enjoyed Siege when we reviewed it and we urge you to give a go if you’ve been on the fence. The game has changed a lot since then with tons of free updates and new content but that core gameloop of intense, tactical teamplay remains the same.